Give a meaningful gift this Christmas

Posted by Peter MUIR

This year the DC CE captains give you the opportunity to give this Christmas by offering Xmas Care Cards.

The Xmas Care Card is where you give a friend or loved one a gift of a donation to a community organisation, who will then use that donation to make a meaningful difference this Xmas.

Rather than adding to our piles of waste and using valuable resources that buying a gift contributes to, or buying something that is not really wanted by the recipient, give a gift that show you care!

How it works

  1. Choose a community partner you wish to donate to from our list
  2. Choose the amount you wish to donate
  3. Make the donation
  4. Provide the email address of your gift recipient
  5. Your gift recipient will receive a digital card, indicating that you have given them a caring gift that supports an organisation making a difference in our community

Buy your care card in the school foyer before and after school next week!

Here are the community partners the DC Xmas Care Cards will support this year:

  • Soap Cycling’s MEY Program
  • Centre for Refugees
  • Society for Community Organization (SoCO)
  • PUSPADI Bali
  • Gawad Kalinga


Soap Cycling’s MEY Program
The MEY (minorities, elderly and youth) Program is Soap Cycling’s new initiative being implemented in Hong Kong with a chief focus on empowering Hong Kong’s disadvantaged youth and elderly.

It aims to utilize the wasted energy and skills of the elderly, and is a step toward fulfilling Soap Cyling’s mission of promoting sustainability, improving hygiene for disadvantaged groups, and developing the next generation of social leadership in Hong Kong.

Soap Cycling’s MEY program will provide employment and training opportunities to those suffering from lack of opportunities. This program will also enrich HK as a whole as it increases community engagement with volunteer sessions, outreach events, and raises awareness of sustainability.


Centre for Refugees
Christian Action’s Centre For Refugees at Chungking Mansions is a well-established service provider assisting some of the 10,000 refugees living in need in HK. The centre relies on donors and sponsors to continue the work that they are doing. Every month they give direct support, including counselling, psychosocial and mental health support shelter, food and clothing to over 500 refugees, and provided continual support to their full database of over 4,000 refugees. Examples of how donated funds can assist include:

  • $150 provides a refugee baby or toddler a month’s supply of nappies;
  • $500 gives a refugee child the means to attend school for a month;
  • $1,600 provides for 100 meals from Hong Kong’s only daily soup kitchen


Society for Community Organization (SoCO)
Society for Community Organization (SoCO) is a registered non-profit making and non-governmental human rights organization for the underprivileged since 1972. Their work for the underprivileged includes supporting caged lodgers, tenants with financial difficulties and living in appalling conditions, street-sleepers, mentally ill patients, and ethnic minorities. Funds donated here will go towards SoCO’s Caged Homes and housing project, and elderly rights project.


PUSPADI is Bali-based NGO that works in disability rehabilitation, education, training and empowerment organisation, that is committed to working with people with a disability in Bali and Eastern Indonesia.

PUSPADI Bali has helped more than 4,000 of people with physical disabilities in Bali and Eastern Indonesia, to regain control of their life and independence as well as lead productive, fulfilling lives. The organisation’s staff regularly travel out in the field to find more people with a disability in need of prosthetics, orthotics, mobility aids, wheelchairs, or other support.

PUSPADI is a partner in our No Boundaries programme. Donations will be used to support their newly built community centre, and help fund individual clients in helping them gain mobility and independence.


Gawad Kalinga
Gawad Kalinga (translated in English as to “give care”) is a Philippine-based movement that aims to end poverty by first restoring the dignity of the poor. It employs an integrated and holistic approach to empowerment with values-formation and leadership development at its core. The Foundation currently works with over 2,000 communities, one of which we have been working with as a part of our No Boundaries program – Georgetown GK Village in Cavite. Donations will be used to support this community in celebrating Christmas, and go towards their education programmes.