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U12 Girls A Football

Posted by cobrasports

Score: 4-2 (W) v Kellett A

Cobras U12 Girls A football team played an experienced and physically strong Kellett A team at their Kowloon campus. From the start, Kellett used their size and home advantage convincingly and quickly closed down DC possession, often intercepting any loose ball. Cobras had to dig deep after going a goal behind early on.

Once DC settled down they found confidence on the ball, the Kellett team appeared flustered and the formidable Anna cut through the field, taking the ball into Kellett’s own half. Rosie, Lisa and Anna produced some powerful shots on target and it wasn’t too long before DC began to find the back of Kellett’s net. Anna scored from a free kick stunning Kellett’s wall of defence. During the second half Lisa and Anna produced a great partnership, delivering some quality quick passing, moving the ball around into space.

Under pressure throughout the match, the whole team delivered a very strong performance and should be proud they kept their heads in the game. A tough fixture which required both supportive team work and individual skill to come away with a respectable win.